Power Couple

Power Couple

Posted by Mike Panackia on 18th Feb 2024


Just another routine maintenance cleaning after a day at the track. Carpet fibers, dirt,and debris accumulates throughout your vehicle in various areas. The gunk that lurks where your axles and driveshafts meet are one of the common spots that needs attention. I use some simple steps that are extremely effective and take just a couple of minutes. 



After removal of axle from the vehicle, I spray some Moo-Kleen Electronic Cleaner And Degreaser into the axle. This cuts through and eliminates the dirt extremely quick and efficiently. The evaporative qualities in the Degreaser allows it to dry very quickly to be ready for the next step. 



Now, just a small shot of Moo-Slick Ultra Light Grease into the axle. This will seep into the crevices, giving excellent lubrication and protection, keeping your vehicle at peak performance. This grease is so convenient and easy to use unlike a thick grease you would have to apply by hand. Another plus, the thin grease attracts less dirt than a thick grease would. 

These easy steps take just minutes, which allows you more time to put in some laps. See ya at the track!

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