CowRC Factory Team Anyone?

CowRC Factory Team Anyone?

Posted by Mike Panackia on 13th Jan 2024

Want to be a part of the herd? CowRC has the best RC maintenance products on the planet. If you are looking to be part of a fantastic team, then CowRC just might be for you. 

If you can take clean photos of your RC with a quick summary to explain, have a Facebook account, be self motivated, love working on your RC, and most of all, use CowRC products. That just put you in the RC driver's seat. 

CowRC welcomes all types of RC enthusiasts. Racers, Bashers, Crawlers, Drag Racers, Oval, On/Off Road, Boats, and more. 

You can represent an amazing company while earning terrific discounts. 

Very simple, the more you post, the more you earn. 

Did I just hear someone say "only need to post one time a month?"

Yep that's right! You only need to post one time a month depicting CowRC products being put to use to meet the minimum requirements once you are on the team. That's pretty simple if you ask me! 

Just the minimum requirements gets you a significant percentage off all CowRC Products. 

Can you post 2 times a month? Well, that just jumped you up to the next level; that I'm sure will make you smile.

Do you see where I'm going here? It will keep going the more self-motivated you can be. 

All Factory Team Members have been prior customers and believe in the products. They've been tried and tested ending up on the throne with the crown. CowRC is the King of Maintenance Products, so why not try to hang around in the pasture and be a part of the herd?

You can contact me via email at for further info. See ya at the track.