Brush in style

Brush in style

Posted by Mike Panackia on 8th Jul 2024


Everyone in RC needs some sort of cleaning brushes for all forms of maintenance. CowRC has this six pack of two different sizes, making it much easier to get into those hard to reach and sometimes awkward spaces. 


And just like a lot of CowRC items, these killer skinz are available in a multitude of options. I always go with The Reaper!


In order to make sure your skinz have the best adhesion to your brushes, it's important to get a nice clean surface before applying. Moo-Kleen Electrical Cleaner And Degreaser is just the product you need. This will eliminate any dirt or grease that is present, allowing your skin to stick like glue. 

Just spray some on a towel, then onto your surface. Now just apply your skinz. 




As you can see these brushes are very versatile and can be used on all sorts of applications. Six brushes in a set and the price is amazing. Another no brainer purchase, once again. See ya at the track. 

These products can be purchased at CowRC.Com. Use coupon code "PROTIP15" at checkout for 15 percent off your order.