A Little Winded

A Little Winded

Posted by Mike Panackia on 3rd May 2024

The Jet Blaster Mini is a must have in your pit bag. When it comes to convenience, this is hard to beat. The Mini is an alternative to the powerful Jet Blaster and Jet Blaster Turbo. Although the Mini doesn't compare to the power of the two mentioned, it makes up for it with sheer convenience. This Mini has just enough blowing power to take care of your light work, especially for all of the indoor carpet and astro racers to blow away those fibers and tire dust. Not only does it blow, but it has a vacuum function that comes in very handy. I will get into that later in the blog. As you can see, it comes with multiple attachments for whatever you need. 


Sharpie marker for size comparison. 


Slider switch on the side of the Blaster to control the variable speed. This way you can control how much power you want. 


The button on the bottom is the power button. The 4 lights illuminated indicates a full charge. 


USB at the bottom of the unit. USB cord is included. However, the charger is not. 



Now we can get into the vacuum function. To switch from blower to vacuum, just simply press the power button 3 times and it will switch functions. Attach the canister and you are ready to go. 


Debris from my solder station. 



The Blaster went to work. Now you can just empty the canister and reattach. 


The Blaster also has optional skins. I chose my favorite Reaper theme that is depicted. 

This Mini Blaster is well worth having. Cordless, rechargeable, small, variable speed, blower, and vacuum functions. Sounds pretty convenient to me! This can be used at home, at your bench, or at the track. So if you want an alternative from the powerful Jet Blaster Turbo to something light, small. and cordless; this is probably right up your alley. See ya at the track!

This product can be purchased at CowRC.Com. Use coupon code "PROTIP15 "at checkout for 15 percent off your order.